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Residential Services

check1     Swimming Pool Filling

check1     Hot Tub Filling

check1     Sods & Grass Hydration

check1     Wells

Commercial Services

check1     Street Watering

check1     Road Compaction

check1     Dust Control

check1     Street Washing

Welcome to Priority Water


Our site is under maintenance at the moment and will return to its full glory very soon.


We offer Residential and Commercial Services.



  • Street Watering
  • Road Compaction
  • Dust Control
  • Street Washing
  • Dust Control and Road Compaction in Halifax and area


  • Swimming Pool Filling
  • Hot Tub Filling
  • Sods & Grass Hydration
  • Wells

Please call us at 1272 Sackville Drive, N.S. Call 902-869-2837 or write